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How it Works?

One thing we realised is that teachers don't often do CV's. This makes applying for jobs tedious and time consuming. We wanted to change the application system so that it makes it easier for you to find the perfect teaching job in Qatar. 

We use a very simple process which is broken down below. Before you submit your Simple CV, we would recommend you first write your cover letter. The cover letter should be broken down into two parts; about you and your teaching experience to date, along with the impact you have made. You can attach your cover letter to the Simple CV. 


Complete the Simple CV below

Start by writing up your cover letter and then complete the questions below. Attach your cover letter to the Simple CV. 


Optimum Search

We will format your CV ready to be shared with schools in Qatar. We will work on your behalf to find the best teaching job for you. 


Final Stage

Once a school has been found we will then focus on the additional parts to your CV such a references. 

Writing your Cover Letter

Before you complete the Simple CV, you will need to complete your cover letter. Click the link below to download your Simple Guide To Writing Your Cover Letter.

Before you apply...

Please make sure you can answer YES to the questions listed on the right. If you answer NO for any of these, please email us first to discuss your application before completing the Simple CV. 

  • I am a UK resident with a British Passport
  • I have QTS
  • I have at least 2 years of teaching experience 
  • I have completed my cover letter

Complete your Simple CV below

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