Do you want to be one of the best schools in Qatar?

Getting the best teachers will get you the best school.

  • You're spending far too much time on posting adverts to find teachers. 
  • You work with an agency who possibly never had any classroom experience, definitely no experience teaching in Qatar and are focussed on their commission and not the right fit.
  • You spend your valuable time going through applications.
  • You spend your money advertising on generic sites and not getting the right people applying to your school? 

Recruiting the best teachers does not need to be expensive or time consuming.  

"We do the hard work so you can focus on what you do best; creating outstanding schools!"

Outstanding schools are created by the people inside of them. Whether this is the teacher delivering a strong curriculum with good skill and knowledge or the students who embed the characteristics of a scholar. It all happens within the school.

Qatar Teach recognises that for schools to be ‘Outstanding’, it needs to source the very best teachers.

Qatar Teach is a company founded by teachers. We have years of classroom and leadership experience along with experience of working in a Qatar international school.

We know the impact a great hire can have and we also know that it can be difficult to find the right candidates. Too much of your time, energy and money is spent trying to source the right people. This takes you away from creating one of the best schools in Qatar. 

"We help schools source the right teachers to create the best outcomes for their students."

We use our years of experience and understanding of the type of teacher you want to hire to know who the best candidates for your school are. We are aligned strongly to our values which ensures we only find the right teachers for you.

What  makes different?

A company founded by teachers with experience of teaching in Qatar. 

Dedicated to finding the right teacher, not the first teacher.

We support the development of your new staff so that they make maximum impact in their new roles. 

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