Get Your Perfect teaching job in Qatar 

Try something like never before! Take your teaching expertise to Qatar to experience life in this Gulf state. 

Qatar Teach helps teachers like you find the perfect job in Qatar. We help you set up a new life working in this thriving cosmopolitan country.

"Become part of the growing number of teachers leaving to UK for a warmer climate and tax free income." 

Qatar is a small peninsula, joining onto the Eastern side of Saudi Arabia. Known for being small in size, small in population, but high in GDP per capita. This is what makes Qatar the wealthiest country per capita in the world.

Being strategically located between Europe and Asia, it has become a place of rapid development. Qatar is continuously developing and as part of that growth, it needs teachers like you to join them.

Why should I teach in Qatar?

Tax Free Salary

Take this opportunity to earn a tax free salary. Not only is it tax free, you will be provided with free accommodation so this is a perfect opportunity to save money. 

Warmer Climate

Qatar is a hot desert environment so has warm winters and hot summers. However, most teachers fly home for the summer so avoid the hottest time of the year. This climate means the sun shines every day and evenings are enjoyable.

Great Opportunity

You get to work in an international setting, experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all over the world. You get to be part of the journey of one of the most significant countries in the world. 

Why should I apply for teaching jobs through

We simplify the application process

Complete our 'Simple CV'. We then use this to speak to schools in Qatar to make sure we can find the perfect teaching job for you. Once you have progressed with a school, we then ask for additional information to complete the application process. This means you do not need to complete lots of different application forms or spend time searching for schools. We do the hard work so you don't have to. 

We are experienced teachers

When you talk to us about teaching and what you look for in a school, we get it. We have years of experience working in UK schools as well as working in an international school in Qatar. We believe a lot in teacher well-being and making sure we work in an enjoyable setting. We don't want to put you in a school which isn't right because we feel that this would be unfair on you. 

We have worked in Qatar schools

Leaving family, friends and even your local coffee shop behind can be daunting. We get it, because we've done it. It's a bitter-sweet experience. On the one hand you are moving to a new country, but on the other you leave lots behind. This is why using our experience of working in Qatar, we can answer any questions you have and also help you make sure it is the correct decision for you. 

We only find the most suitable school for you

Ever worked in a school which wasn't right for you or heard other teachers that have? This is a huge problem for teachers and the problem could be much worth when the school you are working for is over 4000 miles away. This is why our priority is finding the right school for you. This is why we work closely with schools in Qatar. We want to find out as much about them as possible so that the you and the school are a perfect fit. 

Still Not Convinced? 

If you're still unsure about teaching in Qatar then read these next 10 points that may just convince you that teaching in Qatar is the right thing for you. 

  • High standard of living in Qatar makes it an ideal location for teachers looking for teaching jobs abroad.
  • Qatar's strong economy offers excellent employment opportunities, particularly in the education sector, for teachers seeking teaching jobs.
  • Tax-free income in Qatar is a great advantage for teachers looking to earn more while working in the education sector.
  • The excellent healthcare system in Qatar provides peace of mind for teachers who are seeking teaching jobs in a foreign country.
  • Qatar's multicultural society allows teachers to gain exposure to a wide range of cultures and lifestyles while teaching in the country.
  • Safety and security in Qatar is a top priority, which is particularly important for teachers seeking teaching jobs in a foreign country.
  • Modern infrastructure in Qatar offers teachers access to the latest technology and amenities while teaching in the country.
  • Qatar's beautiful weather is a great incentive for teachers seeking teaching jobs abroad, as it provides opportunities for outdoor activities year-round.
  • World-class entertainment options in Qatar offer teachers a great opportunity to experience a wide range of activities outside of teaching.
  • The natural beauty of Qatar, including beaches and sand dunes, offers teachers a unique and beautiful environment to teach in.
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