Do teachers get free accommodation in Qatar?

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Teaching in Qatar is a good job for expats who want to work in a country where salaries are high and the cost of living can be low. You are able to save money on accommodation, food and other bills by taking advantage of free accommodation provided by many schools. This can mean that teachers can afford luxuries such as having their own car or buying designer clothes without feeling it’s taking away from their savings for retirement later down the line.

Renting in Qatar is never cheap.

However, teachers who work for a private international school in Qatar can receive free accommodation. Schools will typically provide your housing for you and many also cover utilities.

This can be a great perk for teachers who are new to Qatar. Not having to worry about finding an apartment, paying rent or utilities will save you money that can be put towards other necessities in your life.

Some teachers may prefer living in free accommodation as it allows them more flexibility and time to explore the city before deciding on where they want to live permanently. If you prefer this option then make sure you look at all the requirements of your school when choosing which job offer is best for you!

If you plan on staying longer than one year in Qatar then it might be worth looking into renting your own property with part of the cost given by the school as an allowance. 

Expats teaching in Qatar can save a small fortune by living in free accommodation. 

The average salary in Qatar is around £20,000 but we would expect teachers to earn at least £2700 per month. The average cost of rent in Qatar is around £1,200 per month. That means that if you’re not living in free accommodation or your own apartment, you could be wasting a lot of money per year just on rent!

This is why free accommodation is important if you want to teach in Qatar as an opportunity to save money. We wrote about it in a previous blog which you can find here;

Accommodation – free or subsidised accommodation.

The most common type of accommodation provided to teachers is free. This is typically offered by private schools and universities, who are better able to afford it due to their higher budgets.

Free accommodation may also be available through public schools and universities, however these tend to be on a more limited basis – for example as part of an ‘internship’ program or special scholarship.

At Qatar Teach we are mainly supporting UK teachers in jobs that involve teaching in private schools. 

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, accommodation can range from apartments to villas and depending on what you need may determine what you get e.g if you are bringing family along then a large sized accommodation would be a must. 

There are other freebies as well…

Air fare allowance – You are given a free return flight from the UK to Qatar. For most UK teachers this will be September and June/July. However there are many teachers who will choose to take an additional flight if you are intending to visit the UK for Christmas or Easter. 

The flights from the UK to Qatar are actually very good. Flight times of a little over 7 hours and on a good day, a cost of about £500. But be careful because you probably will be wanting to fly at peak times which do command a premium. Again, you are saving lots of money so hopefully an additional few hundred on a flight to visit friends and family in the Uk will not be too difficult to swallow. 

And somethings that are not free…

Private medical insurance is recommended. The cost of private medical insurance can be high, but it’s well worth it in the long term. You will be able to find an affordable policy with a provider however the school will be able to provide a basic level for you which would be at either a low cost or even free. 


Qatar has a lot of western comforts and you don’t need to sacrifice anything. You can live in Qatar and have a western lifestyle without feeling the financial squeeze often associated with the cost of living in the UK. 

It’s easy to see why teachers are so popular in Qatar. The benefits are great and the pay is excellent, which means that you have plenty of money to spend on living expenses and travel.

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