If I was going to get a teaching job in Qatar, this is what I would do…

Written by Qatar Teach

What are the steps I need to take to get a teaching job in Qatar?

  • Decide if teaching in Qatar is the right thing to do. The best way to do this would be by following this link; https://qatarteach.com/subscribe. I would then get access to the Free Decision Making Guide and use it to help me make an informed decision.
  • If I am still thinking that I want to get a teaching job in Qatar then I would write up a short cover letter outlining a bit about myself and what experiences I have which would make me suitable for a teaching job in Qatar. 
  • I would then apply. By following this link https://qatarteach.com/simple-cv I would start to fill in the application form. Making sure that I have my cover letter and a professional headshot image ready to upload. 
  • Qatarteach.com will then work on your behalf in finding the most suitable role for you. 

Why should I use Qatar Teach when I could apply for jobs myself?

That’s completely right. You could find your own teaching job in Qatar, but here’s why Qatarteach.com is better.

Through Qatar Teach, you only need to create 1 CV, 1 Cover Letter and 1 application. We then work our magic to get your application to the most suitable schools. 

We use our knowledge of you and schools in Qatar to find the best teaching job for you. 

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Ready to Apply Online?

  • Complete your 1 page cover letter. 
  • Fill in the Simple CV which you can access below. 
  • Attach your cover letter to your Simple CV.
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