What types of food would I be eating in Qatar?

Written by Qatar Teach

Qatar is a small country but it has a lot of food to offer. From meat and rice, to some of the best restaurants in the world. 

I loved the food in Qatar! When I was teaching in Qatar most meals were eaten out. It wasn’t always about the top quality restaurants but also the little gems which sold food very cheap meaning that you salary earned teaching in Qatar can go much further. 

Meat and rice are the main food that Qatar is famous for.

The main food that Qatar is famous for is meat and rice. The people of Qatar have a tradition of eating lamb, chicken and fish which are cooked with spices like cumin, coriander and turmeric. The meals are served with bread or rice as an accompaniment.

There is much more to the food that what’s on the dish. You must try and make friends with some Qatari’s as they would host some wonderful meals. Often dinner may come on a very large plate, whereby the guests would sit around it and pick the food off with their hands. 

Other foods in Qatar include : Falafel, Hummus, Babagugh, Manakish, Shawarma

In addition to the foods mentioned above, you may also come across these dishes:

  • Falafel: A deep fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas and/or fava beans, mixed with herbs and spices. It’s served in pita bread or flatbread with hummus, tahini sauce (sesame paste) and pickles.
  • Hummus: A dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini (sesame paste), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic for flavour. You can eat it as an appetiser but it also makes a great sandwich spread!

Here are some restaurants of different cuisines in Doha : Chilli’s, Sushi Express, Nando’s, Hanoi Restaurant (Vietnamese Food), Mezzerie (Italian Food)

The first thing you will notice about the food in Qatar is that it’s very different from what you are used to. There are many different cuisines available here, so you can try something new every day if you want.

Here are some restaurants of different cuisines in Doha : Chilli’s, Sushi Express, Nando’s and Hanoi Restaurant (Vietnamese Food). If Italian food is more up your alley then Mezzerie should be on your list as well!

However, there are so many places I haven’t mentioned and some are just not listed on Trip Adviser. Maybe I should write a book about the top secret best places to eat in Qatar. What do you think? 


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